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The Many Benefits Of Thai Massage Therapy

For thousands of years tradition-based Thai massage has been used for centuries. This technique for massage could be traced back to as far as the earliest Mesopotamian civilizations. It can be challenging to understand Thai massage since there are many methods and philosophies associated with this a…

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Trigger Point Therapy - What Is and How To Apply It

Trigger point massage is a form of massage that targets specific areas of muscle tissue that have been squeezed and formed tiny nodules that are fibrous and tender. They are known as trigger points, often referred to as acupoints. These points can cause inflammation of various types and can be painf…

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Sports Massage : Why it May Benefit You

Are you able to get a sport massage every now and then throughout the year? Do you enjoy that relaxing sensation and benefits of cooling off? If you are, you should think about the various benefits massage provides to athletes. You may were already familiar with the benefits physical and mental that…

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Massage Therapy is beneficial for the Body and The Nerves

With the advancement of scientific methods to health, massage therapy has become more popular. Massage is a broad term that is used to describe a range of manual stimulation and manipulation of the body's soft tissues. It includes aspects of physical therapy as well as osteopathy in addition to spor…

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Trigger Point Massage

Trigger point massage is a type of massage therapy that targets specific parts of the muscles that have squeezed and formed small fibrous nodules, often identified as trigger points. These are fibrous tissue. They are also referred to as trigger points. For those with fibromyalgia, trigger point mas…

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How the Terms Are Different Between Turkish and Massage Baths

Indian Head Massage is a form of massage which originated in India. It's numerous variations involving Bikram, Raja and Surya. It involves gentle massage and acupressure methods, manipulating the soft tissues on the head, shoulders, neck and face. The soothing effect is not only bodily - it also wor…

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